At last … weight loss!

I’m weighing in kilos.  Not trying to be fancy and European, the scales have stopped displaying stones and pounds!

It’s not an impressive first weigh-in, only 1.5 kilos lost (a smidgeon under 3.5lbs) after all these weeks, but it’s a start in the right direction.  My backside has been severely kicked and I’m knuckling down to more serious weight loss and exercise this week.  No more excuses!

I’m buying no new summer clothes this year, absolutely zero.  There are the other pounds I want to save too.  I’ve tons of fabric in the loft awaiting the elusive spare time to create my own clothing as and when I need it.  I might even do a feature on it (does anybody want to borrow two unruly children for a month so I can bond with my sewing machine?).

So, my auction bargain.  I picked up this almost-new Davina exercise bike for a tenner! It’s perfect because it folds down nicely and, even better, the kids love it!  My two boys can’t get enough exercise.  They’re never at home – Mum’s Taxi has them out playing tag rugby, swimming, horse riding or doing athletics or they’re playing outdoors with their friends.  Now they can cycle all evening to release any tiny grains of energy they may have left.  To my shame, I haven’t perched on the saddle myself yet.

exercise bike

Next time … back to delicious recipes.


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