via Daily Prompt: Reprieve

A stay of execution?

Or thinking time?

I go for thinking time. With my two children, every reprieve equals an opportunity to think.  Does that naughty  behaviour deserve a stringent punishment or is it the child’s chance to digest his surroundings and reactions?

With tomorrow being a big day in Northern Ireland’s history, ie its first Learning Disability Pride Day, I’m willing to put behind me the pint of milk thrown over me, the sofa, cushions and laptop for want of understanding why No 1 had to raise his large glass of milk after my telling him it was being rationed for breakfast.

Hopefully a few learning hours that there are no rules regarding what my boys understand.  The laptop is dead.  Probably never to be resuscitated.  But I’m typing on a sturdy Dell circa 2010 courtesy of my father in law, all is not lost.

Are we going to LDP or not?  Husband is determined not.  May McFettridge, pantomime dame and general cringe-worthy NI “celebratory”  is leading the charge.  Good point David, May is off the scale.

Corrado and Sam have no idea who May is. Thankfully.  Thunder and lightening permitting, I’ll see you in Carrickfergus tomorrow at 11 am.










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