My weight loss app is making me fat!

The weight hasn’t shifted in a while.  I have been good, very good, or so I think, rarely indulging and I have been going to the gym, so I did more reading.  The app I am using on my phone keeps awarding me extra calories for the steps I take.  When I input my exercises completed at the gym, it gives me as many as 400 extra calories – an additional complete meal!  That can’t be right! So I’ve reduced my calorie target for the next week to see how I get on.

I want to lose weight quickly, who doesn’t, but  know that’s not the best plan if I want to keep it off.  It’s all about making healthy eating a habit, isn’t it?  I haven’t been counting but I don’t think I’ve been doing this for 66 days yet.

Went clothes shopping with a friend who has lost almost 3 stone recently and is delighted with her new figure.  I’m jealous.

I really want new clothes!!  But not yet.  Not until at least I’ve passed my new first goal of 2 stone (28lbs/12.7kg).

But I will make that skirt or dress or top with my gold crinkle pleat fabric, I need something to keep me going.  I just need to find a few more hours in the day.


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