I’ve been to the gym 8 days in a row – too much?  It really burned today, I’ve increased the weights I’m working with.  I went home and joined Frank on the sofa and didn’t move – not even to make a coffee for my daily dose of Extreme Weight Loss.

Have I overdone it with the strength training?  I don’t feel achy, just tired.  The burning feeling is, actually, quite pleasant!  I know that (according to Nerd Fitness) the sensation means the exercise is still burning calories, so I’m not complaining! However, according to livestrong.com it’s not a good idea to do strength training without at least a day’s break between sessions.  So, the answer is yes, I have overdone it.  Drat.  I only do the cardio exercises to warm up my muscles for the weights machines!  I don’t like cardio.  Sweaty horrible exercises.

I might have found a solution to get me through the cycling, treadmill and bingo wing machine (aka arm cycle) – audio books.  My current entertainment/distraction is reading the subtitles displayed on the many television screens while exercising and then trying to work out what’s happening in a different programme for another machine is tedious.  I’m not a great music fan – I have to be in the mood.  But I am a book worm.  My Kindle has had to be replaced too many times to mention, I’ve burnt out the screen so often!  I’ll give it a go.  I might be able to solve many crimes before realising I’m a size zero.




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