I will survive!

via Daily Prompt: Survive

This is definitely giving away my age!

I was 13 when this song hit the charts for Gloria Gaynor in 1979 but it remained a disco staple right through the 1980s.  Handbags on the floor, girls in a circle, arms in the air, feet shuffling, it was a great icebreaker to get the dancing going.

The 1980s was a fantastic decade, I can’t fault it for fun.  I did my exams, left school, got my first job, went on my first holiday abroad and passed my driving test … but the first thing I think about when the 1980s are mentioned is fun on the dancefloor, fun with fashion, big hair and going to loads and loads of live pop concerts (we didn’t call them gigs then).

I survived the 1980s – even if the ozone layer didn’t with the quantity of hairspray consumed!