Catch yerself on big girl

I really should.

I’m sitting here eating a cheese toastie and watching Ashley’s episode of Obese: A Year to Save My Life USA.  I should be ashamed of myself.

She has a 4 year old son for goodness sake.  I have two very active older children.  I should be motivated.  But I just can’t be arsed at the moment.  Especially as I now know that the ankle pain I’m suffering is most likely arthritis and weightloss should reduce the strain on my poor peds.

But I’ve survived the half way mark of the school holidays. Go me!  And only one week before our 2 weeks holiday in Co Donegal.  I’m packing the walking boots, Frank and the kids will be “enjoying” a lot of exercise with me leading the way.  And they’ll be early morning jaunts, so no boozy nights with munchies.  Wellllll … maybe one or two!

Seriously though, if Chris Powell ever picked me (he won’t because I will never write to him – nothing personal Chris but I didn’t even have a video made of my wedding) could I lose 100lb in 90 days?  Crikey.  No way.  I don’t want to!

Let’s do the Fractious 50 Year Old Plan and set a goal for the first 90 days.

By 2nd November I will lose 20lbs.  There.  Goal set and game on.

weight loss


Calorie Deficit

Who knows all about this subject?  It’s not a “thing” I was even aware of!  Just shows you how much I wing it in my every day life!

I was watching Extreme Weight Loss (the American show with Chris Powell) – it’s a great motivator, as I sit on my bum for a solid 40 minutes drinking coffee.  Seriously, though, it is.  They were talking about the number of calories a body needs daily before any exercise.  So, I found a handy calculator, put in my height, weight, etc and I was delighted with the number – my body needs A LOT.  Take away the calories you need to reduce by per day (500 for 1lb, 1,000 for 2lbs, etc) and bingo – there’s your new calorie goal for each day.  Easy peasy.

Previous to this, over all these years, I was going on hearsay, probably worked out on averages.  But I’m not average.  I’m a stonking great six foot middle aged woman – there’s not many of those around!

I can do this, the maths tell me I can.  I don’t need to starve, I just need to be clever and organised.  And stay off the wine.  It creates “munchies” right into the next day.

I’m expecting to record another kilo loss by this time next week and every week thereafter, so watch this space …