Social life struggles

I won’t be weighing-in this week.  Just as I was getting into the swing of this weight loss malarky, along comes a social life – something we had quite forgotten about.

In the space of a week we will have been out for an Indian meal to celebrate 24 years of wedded bliss, had two days of picnicking while cheering on the kids at their Special Olympics events (1 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze between them), Father’s Day lunch, Open Farm weekend where the only veggie option was chips, end of summer term lunch with RDA – fish suppers all round and a fundraising night out. Before this week?  Nothing for months!

At the restaurant on Saturday night, we skipped starters, I had a glass of prosecco and a jug of water, shared a portion of rice, and enjoyed a dish that consisted mainly of spinach (but probably drenched in ghee) and no dessert.  HOWEVER, we got a bit carried away at the pub after.  Finally realising we didn’t have to wrestle the kids into bed, we relaxed.  Oh oh.

So, tomorrow starts a new week.  Not today.  Today is the actual date of our anniversary.  We’re heading out to lunch shortly.  And I’ve gone to all this trouble to wash my hair and put on makeup, so no gym today either!




Happy St Patrick’s Day!


The aftermath of celebrating was not so happy for me – I think it was my first gain on the scales since the diet began!!  Two pounds, can you believe it?  Actually, I can. I had a very naughty couple of days when I ate and drank until I was merry. I don’t regret a single morsel or tipple. It’s good to kick up your heels once in a while. I’ll just have to work doubly hard this week to shift it and then some. My goal for this time next week is 2lb+ of a loss. Maybe a tad ambitious but I do intend having a busy active week!

We had a child-free afternoon, night and morning on Saturday/Sunday (thank you so much, Paul and Eleanor). So we celebrated, as one does, by heading out to our favourite Indian restaurant and uncorking a bottle or two as well. We hadn’t been there in ages, with this dieting lark and delicious curry recipes in both Hairy Bikers diet books stopping us. But as we were seated at our little table for two (luxury!) our waiter greeted us with “long time since you were last here, where are the boys?”  We usually go everywhere as a package. Corrado always pours over the menu then orders chicken tikka masala and Sam gets chicken korma and they both share the side dishes of tarka dhal and chana rice. We’re a bit predictable like that! Without the kids to help us with our lentils and chickpeas, we decided to share a main course but order the sides too. With a naan bread. Rude not to. We managed to finish whole sentences, didn’t have to worry about glasses toppling over and there was no kicking under the table. But we did miss the little darlings. Kinda.


So that was one of the pounds from the gain accounted for.

Yesterday (Sunday) was St Patrick’s Day Eve. A traditional day to celebrate (or it should be!). We usually meet, as a family, at a hotel bar on 17th March and the kids run mad, pester us to have their faces painted and the adults drown their shamrock in Guinness. But this year we were invited to a party at my sister’s house (the older sibling – there are 5 of us) as she was celebrating getting a new job, which started today. So that saved the green face paint argument (the kids are allergic but don’t care!).

Pound number two. Marion had gone to so much trouble to cater for everybody that I had to put my Mrs Manners head on and eat all round me.

But you’d think with all the exercise I was getting, those pounds wouldn’t have dared to hang around. Cheeky beggars.

I spent my quiet afternoon in Sam’s bedroom with drill and screwdriver making him a new bed. Not a flat-pack. Oh no, that would be too simple! He had cupboards but needed a new bed that wasn’t bent almost in two from his jumping on it. So, as it’s a small room, I decided to build over the cupboards. I measured about 400 times and finally plucked up the courage to go to B&Q and get all the materials – they cut the board to size so that was the job half done. A few false starts (thank goodness for reverse gear on the electric screwdriver!) but I enjoyed myself and, if I say so myself, it wasn’t a bad first attempt! So I think I earned my curry 🙂  Image

I hope you have been over on the Hairy Bikers Diet Club Facebook page this week? I’ve been posting my favourite (Northern) Irish recipes. Actually, they’re not all my favourite (no lamb stew for me!) but our local cuisine is so easy to make, it should be more widely broadcast! I made myself a big plate of Champ for tonight’s dinner and the boys had a mini Ulster Fry with homemade potato farls, cut into shamrock shapes.

Left: Champ (mashed potatoes with scallions/spring onions and – yes – that is real butter!). Right: Shamrock shaped potato farls cooking on a floured griddle pan.

So, for the last time this year – Happy St Patrick’s Day! raises her cup of tea Slainte!