Daily Prompt: Puncture

via Daily Prompt: Puncture

Perfect word for the day!  I felt punctured last night!!

My kids ride with RDA and I help out when I can, usually during exam season and the younger volunteers are busy swotting.  Of course I agreed to side walk Sam (son) last night but they didn’t tell me until after the lesson started that it was a trotting night!  Flip me, Buno (pony) decided he wasn’t feeling lazy as usual.  Instead of the usual 45 minutes, the lesson went on for 75 minutes (yes, I was counting) because it was such a lovely evening, “it was a pity not to”.

Aye, ok for you ye girl ye, standing opening and closing the gate and shouting “keep that pony going”.  I can go off people quickly.

Next week? I’m side walking Corrado (other son).  There is no danger of Tyson (pony) putting my lungs at risk.  Famous last words …


I found my spurtle! And I ate chips :(

Frantic day! Thankfully they don’t happen that often. I couldn’t cope!

Started the day well, both kids leaped out of bed because I’d bought pain au chocolat yesterday for their breakfasts. Lucky them! They had to eat a piece of fruit too – I have a vague idea of what kids need! Sam defaults to a banana (he’s a bit lazy regarding fruit and veg) and Corrado ate two passion fruit – he’s a bit of an addict. Hubby had another early start, so he had breakfast to go.

I have no idea why, but I felt a need to bake this morning! Once the boys were dispatched onto the school bus, I set to work and whipped up a dozen vanilla cupcakes. I was faced with beds to be made, bathrooms to be cleaned and pants to pick up off the floor but decided to bake. My priorities are obviously beyond question!

I had a hurried couple of pancakes with the predictable banana and honey while waiting for the cakes to rise. I was supposed to have avocado on toast this morning but, seriously, Hairy Bikers, that does not compute. Now, I’m a big fan of the Diet Club and the fab menus but avocado on toast? Maybe that’s just me and my closed mind. What do you think?

The cupcakes were for the other volunteers at Riding for the Disabled this morning. I wanted to thank them for their concern last week and since. I received a very warm welcome and many enquiries about my health, which made me feel a bit of a fraud – after all, we were helping children who didn’t enjoy the same abilities as I was gifted.

But I was mortified. I must have come across as a “big lick”! I had completely forgotten this was the week our RDA Group was being inspected by Lady Fraser! If I’d remembered, I’d have left it until next week.

I didn’t eat a cupcake myself, I know what they taste like (quite nice) and stayed strong. Unfortunately my strength let me down later in the day 😦

View of Belfast Lough and Carrickfergus from Knockagh monument

I must have walked a good couple of miles while side-walking (I didn’t lead today – didn’t volunteer, too sore still) and drove home absolutely starving. I thought about going to the chippy. I gave it very serious thought, but decided to have another go with David’s camera and took myself the mountain road home (no chip shops en route) and took some snaps of a hazy Carrickfergus and Belfast Lough from Knockagh Monument. No sign of the rain/sleet that was reported on the morning news, though @barrabest!

Salad was the last thing I wanted – I needed proper warm food to sort out those hunger pangs. I had taken the precaution of sticking a couple of spuds in the oven this morning while heating it for the cupcakes (I still remember my school home economics back in the olden days – never waste oven heat!). I used one for lunch and had it with half a small tin of beans and some low-fat cheese. It did the job – at the time.

Within minutes of washing up my plate and cutlery, I got a call from school that Sam had bumped his head. It was nearly time to pick both kids up anyway to get them ready for their rugby class. I had a ten-minute chat with another mummy, we flew home to snack, change, hug the kittens and go back the way we came to UUJ. On the way, I remembered that we’d forgotten (if you know what I mean) Corrado’s Ju Jitsu outfit. Left them off, back home, grabbed outfit and the biggest pear in the fruit bowl, back to rugby, ate giant pear, checked on Sam too many times, got great feedback and straight down to the Valley. The kids dined royally on pizza, chips and beans in the cafe. I had helped myself to quite a few chips before I realised what I was doing! What was I thinking? I was still very hungry!

Hairy Bikers Diet Club Vegetable Risotto bubbling away

Back home, David finished off homeworks while I stuck the vegetable risotto on. Obviously a very complicated recipe that required me to be in the kitchen all by myself to focus! (ie I sat on my backside on a barstool and gave the pan the odd stir after adding a ladle of stock). It was delicious, by the way, another great recipe that I would never have made before.

I might have eaten chips, I might have forgotten to mention that I also grabbed a couple of chocolate fingers along with the sumo pear, but I do believe that I was hungry because I’d worked off enough calories to allow for it.

Oh, I found my spurtle!