Recalculating …

Da da da ………

I have lost a STAGGERING


Or 19 pounds

Or 1 stone 5 pounds

Go me, go me, go me, go me!!!

I suffered those dodgy home scales long enough, they were too moody.  So I used the ones at the gym you put money into – the ones that originally told me how shamefully big I’d got.  Well worth 50p,

I knew my size 18 jeans hadn’t stretched in the wash 🙂

Now I’m heading out for a greedy guts breakfast with a friend.  I am planning to exercise after but surely I deserve a treat?



No weight loss this week but I have a plan!

I’ve been avoiding posting here. I am so frustrated/confused/cross or maybe I’m just missing something, but after a week when I reduced my calorie intake because I was unable to exercise (try exercising when your nose resembles a burst water main or your head feels like it’s found that safe place you hid the cotton balls from the kittens), I lost no weight at all. Nothing. In fact, worse than nothing – I gained. A whole half a pound.

Doesn’t sound like the end of the world and it isn’t, but what is going on? I must be consuming at least half the calories I was before the diet began. And most of the food I ate last week was high fibre – I craved fruit and ate oranges, apples and pears daily.  Not bananas, I read somewhere that they don’t help a runny nose. 

Ah well, it happened. Nothing I can do about it now but learn from it. Or that’s the idea – but what have I learned? Eating low-fat, high fibre and vitamin-packed food doesn’t help you lose weight? That couldn’t be it. Drinking copious amounts of green tea and water makes you heavier? Not likely. So is it the lack of formal exercise? Maybe.

I didn’t exactly lie in bed all day. I still shopped, cooked, cleaned the kitchen, changed the beds, was mum-taxi and did 63 lengths of the bungalow every night chasing Sam back into bed.

The good news is, as of 7pm today, I am starting to feel better. I was surprised myself – 7pm is a very exact time but I was in the kitchen finishing the dishes when I suddenly noticed I hadn’t used a tissue in a whole 10 minutes! I haven’t, 2 hours later, needed one since! 

I’ve got it – the cure for the common cold – eureka! It’s my homemade wheaten bread! Instead of baking the HB skinny lemon cupcakes with drizzly icing I baked a wheaten loaf. A recipe I learned 20 years ago and which hasn’t let me down yet. 

I must get it patented as a medical breakthrough!

If you want my recipe, I will let you have it – it’s simple, quick and very tasty. No yeast required, so it doesn’t need to prove or rest.  I sprinkled black onion seeds on this loaf but I have been known to use poppy seeds, sesame seeds and left it plain. All of them lovely. But be warned, the entire loaf has about 2300 calories! But it’s up to you to decide how thick to cut it – 191 calories in a nice chunky piece (if you divide the loaf into 12 slices).Image

I have a very colourful curry to show you – my Saturday evening meal. As you have probably read already, I don’t “do” quorn so I skipped that particular recipe on my plan and made the Hairy Bikers Fiery Madras. In the book, it’s made with beef. On Saturday night it was made with a variety of fresh veg – sweet potato, red pepper and spinach. And, if I do say so myself, it looked lovely. It was hot though! Unfortunately, just before I started cooking I lost my sense of taste and smell. Very sad when I had such a lovely meal to look forward to. I have saved a portion to enjoy another day when I am fully functional again.Image

After the disastrous weigh-in this morning, I dusted myself down, collected my groceries and started preparing the meals for this week.

Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.

I studied Picasso for A level and didn’t “get” his work but I do get his wise words above.
The eating plan for the week, now that I have studied it in great detail, is actually very simple. The fridge and cupboard are packed with everything I need to achieve my goal. My body is agreeing with me, finally, that it’s time to start exercising properly and my clothes are telling me that all this is worth it.
Frustrated/confused/cross?  Me? Don’t be daft – I’m looking forward to 7am next Monday, the scales will get a shock!

An old dog is learning new tricks!

Weigh-in day! I doubted myself a lot this week, due to the lack of exercise from Thursday onwards and there was that day I went 43 calories over my allowance! Ooooh. Was tempted to chop off a foot or cut my very thick heavy hair before stepping on the scales, I so wanted there to be a good result of at least 1 lb off this week. Without it, how could I get motivated after a slow few weeks?

I decided last week that all official weigh-ins will now be done on the new digital scales, the ones which aren’t as forgiving as the hard-to-read mechanical ones. I was just a smidgen over 3 lbs lighter! Wow, how did that happen? Maybe I was being too hard on myself. Maybe I did do good and I did enough activities despite the bruises. Go me! And that was on the new scales! I have now sort-of officially lost 1 stone and 4 lbs since my weight loss attempts started in November.  (“sort of” because there’s a bit of conflict between the two scales, I opted to go back up 3 lbs to start recording what it said on the new ones).

Seems like a long time to lose a relatively small amount of weight but I was comforted the other day while reading that it takes “66 days to form or break a habit“. I believe that as only recently I’ve stopped going near the biscuit tin unless the kids are complaining it’s empty and needs replenishing. I haven’t bought a bar of chocolate or a bag of crisps at a petrol station in a while either.  (That actually might have something to do with me always offering David a drive in my car just before the petrol light goes on 🙂 ). But even during the day, when I’m on my own, I will now have a cup of green tea or coffee without sticking the toaster on! I just need to work harder on drinking more water and eating soft fruit like berries.

Corrado got a new book at the weekend – a children’s cookbook and he was itching to make dinner. So I chose an easy one – pork burgers. I decided to have a go and make my own sesame seed burger buns while he was faffing about mixing his mince, chopped onion, etc (he hates getting his hands messy!). It was a great recipe – they turned out fab! Definitely going to make those again. They take time but we had time this afternoon. We went to the airport to collect Auntie “Tweenie” (Christine) who was returning from a long weekend in Newcastle. While we were doing that and the boys were trying to compete with the speed talking (Christine, not me), the burger buns were rising nicely. Ten minutes in the oven and they were done.

Do you like my buns?? Not my most photographic meal, but still tasty

I was going to make today’s Hairy Bikers Diet Club recipe “Satay Stir Fry” – I had even already added to to my diet diary and was replacing the Quorn with silken tofu. But those bread rolls looked and smelt delicious. I just had to have one! Thankfully there was one veggie burger nestling in the top drawer of the freezer, so the deal was done. A quick check of the calorie count and under the grill it went. It looks like a gut-buster, piled high with lots of salad and a teaspoon of cottage cheese (I decided to experiment and it wasn’t a bad addition) instead of cheddar and ketchup. Nom nom, I liked. 🙂

The meat burgers were a big hit with David but Sam got fussy, picking out teeny weeny bits of onion and Corrado preferred shop-bought bread and plastic cheese 😦  Good food is wasted on them! Pesky kids.

Pork burgers. Please forgive the big ignorant slice of cheese hiding the burger!

Breakfast this morning was a 200g tin of low sugar and salt Heinz baked beans and 2 slices of Hovis Nimble wholemeal bread. Lunch was another portion of Saturday’s broccoli and Stilton soup.  It didn’t need bread with it, I’d kept the broccoli quite chunky (that’s my tip for avoiding bread – don’t over blend your soup, the chunky texture means you don’t miss it).  An apple and a banana were my fruit consumption for the day.

Up to this minute, I have consumed 121 fewer calories than my daily allocation – that wasn’t on purpose, it was because I wasn’t hungry. Now that is a habit worth breaking – I hadn’t realised how much I ate between meals, hungry or not.