There’s life, gym …

But actually, yes it is as we know it.

Hadn’t been to the gym in a week or two (ok it was two) due to a whole range of excuses, the main one being the school summer holidays started on 30th June.  8 weeks and 6 days (not that I’m counting) of full-time kids – yikes!

I’m not supermum, I hung up my cloak a long time ago.  I’m 50 years old.  I get tired easily and am having more frequent flare ups of pains in my hips, lower back and right hand from osteoarthritis.  Now it might be affecting my ankles.

But sod it, it’s not going to be my every waking thought or the reason I put on weight. Let’s change the subject.

The gym.  I mentioned when I joined that I chose to use the one closest to home which was the smallest and the less busy of the group within my council area.  And not the one the beautiful people went to, so no designer gear, full face of make-up and perfect hair required.  But as it doesn’t open until 9am, it wasn’t possible for me to use before my husband went to work.  So the beautiful people gym it had to be.  With me as the token dishevelled, bad hair and mismatched outfit wearing person to let the side down.

Alarm was set for 7am, I was out of the house for 7.15am and back home for 8.30am to grab the baton of childcare.  David was out the door like Usain Bolt off the starting blocks because number one son was beginning to stir.  No long leisurely shower then.

Was it as bad as I was led to believe?  No!  Or not this morning, anyway.  It’s a much bigger facility, more equipment and a couple of machines I haven’t seen before which I like – especially the one that works on the tummy muscles while supporting back and legs.  There were about a dozen people (and they looked very normal!) already working out when I arrived but nobody got in my way.  I was able to meander my way around all the equipment I wanted to use.  My ankles were very painful this morning so I avoided the treadmill and cross trainer and concentrated on the cycling machine for my cardio warm up.

I liked it.  It’s further to travel but at that time of the morning during this particular fortnight (when half of Northern Ireland are on holiday) there’s only very light traffic.

I’m so glad I did it.  It broke me out of a really bad fug. I’d kind of given up on the diet and exercise, I hadn’t been feeling that good recently.  But a lovely relaxing night at a friend’s house for a vegetarian home-cooked meal and non-stop talking and lot of laughing, gave me a bit of a boost and I’m back into a better frame of mind where I want to own lovely dresses, etc.

There will be no weigh-ins and meals will be irregular for a while because of visits to the beach, cinema, days out and summer schemes but a more conscience effort will be made.

Enjoyed a lovely spinach, banana, pineapple and orange smoothie for breakfast, which was shared with the kids – number two has started to give fruit and vegetables a go – wow!

me exercising


Eat Fresh!

Yum yum. Those veggie burgers are the best. I made them exactly to the recipe except (there’s always one!) I didn’t have ground cumin (empty jar – I knew there was something I mean to buy!) and couldn’t be bothered with the pestle and mortar so chucked in cumin seeds instead. Loved it. And do you know what? No chips! Decided against them, just bulked the salad out a bit. Pacing myself for the weekend!!

The yogurt and  chutney  relish is simple but effective, I’ve used that combo for other things since originally finding this recipe.

veg burgers

Had a kinda lazy day. Just wasn’t on form for the garden. Completed admin tasks instead – boring but necessary!

My tongue got a good workout though! I didn’t notice the hour of rugby training go by while I chatted with (or was it AT!) Ali – poor woman, had to listen to me for a whole 60 minutes lol!

So, how is my “new start” going to survive the weekend? Well, there are no lie-ins – swimming lessons started at 8.45 am (how cruel, Newtownabbey Council!). So was up and active and burning calories while most respectable people get to recharge their batteries. Sunday is no better – I’ve volunteered to be a marshal at the Newtownabbey Triathalon. Another early start – 9am on a Sunday!

Just saw on Facebook that Karen M enjoyed a banana and peanut butter smoothie last night – I love the combo of banana and peanut butter! At only 303 calories, that’s breakfast sorted. Sunday, that is – I’d no bananas left this morning.

There’s a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in Antrim, which we’re planning to go to (right up Sam’s street, and Polar Bear will love it!) but that means we’ll be out around lunchtime. No doubt Subway Eat Fresh (the kids have to say the whole strapline, they know it winds me up) will be the choice du jour, as it usually is. I’ll let you know tomorrow if I’m right, but here’s what I think will happen … David – BMT and Diet Pespi, Corrado – Big Beef Melt on 9 Grain Honey Oat with all salads except jalapeños and olives and a coating of southwest sauce and an orange Fanta followed by a rainbow cookie, Sam – Tuna, one slice of cucumber, on white bread and a bottle of water and a choc chip cookie for him. They are creatures of habit! In fact, when Corrado couldn’t make a decision on the birthday cake he wanted for 11th celebrations recently, I made this …

Subway eat fresh

He loved it, it was exactly what he didn’t know he wanted! As it was his school cake, the “Fanta” was actually orange jelly. The cookies were proper Subway cookies – I felt I had to buy something when I asked for napkins, paper wrappers and an empty cup for cake props!

As much as I would love to see the back of Subway (from a purely jealous point of view – all those homecooked meals I’ve slaved over and Subway is still their most favourist ever!) I will have mine as a salad in a plastic container. Virtually virtuous!

And dinner? It will be a Hairy Dieter curry of some kind. Just because I have home grown chillis to use – what better excuse?



The scores on the doors for Friday – a grand total of 1392 calories – I had 8 spare so I could have pinched 2 of Corrado’s chocolate raisins, darn!