Warning – this post may go straight to your hips!

For those of you whose bodies are temples, please look away now.

Just as I’m embarking on my most serious weight loss attempt to date (another 2lbs off) I go and get offered a part-time job. A dieter’s nightmare job – baking scones and cakes!  So I’ve been practising and, thankfully, I have a very helpful family. Whatever I bake, they eat or take into school/work to save me from myself. But I can’t allow my little family to get ill so I have to sample my own work before they do. I do it out of kindness.

I’m really hoping that the coffee shop (which opens next Monday) customers will prefer their choices to be limited to a small range so that I don’t have to sample new recipes too often! All those carbs, all that fat and all that sugar – my waistband is tightening at the thought.



Scheduling in a schedule

As I said in an earlier post, apparently a weightloss target of more than 2 lbs a week is a no no, according to the majority of the online weightloss sights. I don’t feel I’ve taken any risks, I haven’t felt ill, dizzy or even hungry (I could probably live off my fat reserves until at least January 2020). But I’ve heard a lot of anecdotes over the years to know that the first few weeks usually yield a higher loss.


Its only 3rd January and I weighed myself – ahead of schedule but who doesn’t at the start?


I’ve lost 3 lbs. I’m super pleased with that!


I have enjoyed cooking new recipes (Jamie Oliver’s Smokin’ Chilli Non Carnie ticked every box last night for flavour, balance of nutrients and, most importantly, it filled me up). I love cooking when I’m organised. But I need to keep being organised and that’s the real challenge!


The cherubs are back to school tomorrow so I’m going to have to get myself organised – I’ve to increase my exercise schedule (I don’t actually have a schedule for this except for walking the dog) and cook from scratch. And purge the house of Christmas decorations; finish the half done decorating projects; sew up new stock for http://www.etsy.com/Uk/shop/naipcin ; fit in after school activities; go back to my volunteering roles in Special Olympics and RDA.


I desperately need a schedule!



Fun’s over …

I took the head staggers tonight and did the new me Tesco shop to be collected tomorrow evening.

The fattiest item in the basket is the low fat sausages I’m going to punish the rest of the family with. They’ll be in a casserole with cannellini beans and loads of big flavours, including smoked paprika, so they won’t even notice the sausages are scrawny. They’ll live.

I’m going to wash down my Smokin’ Chilli Non Carne with the last of the shiraz. I have to! I can’t risk that bad boy taunting me from the cupboard after tomorrow.

I’ve entered all my aspirations and plans into an online calculator and apparently I’m being unsafe. Losing more than 2lb a week when you’re my size is unsafe? Really? I must stop watching Obese: A Year to Save My Life.  They lose 200lbs in a year on average.  That’s over 12 and a half pounds a week for flips sake! Maybe I need a pocket sized couple with big white smiles to keep me safe. I couldn’t guarantee their safety, mind you. I’ve a very low tolerance level for perpetually chirpy people.

Here’s what I’m going to do: tell the computer I want to lose 2lb a week and eat its recommended daily calorie allowance. But when the computer’s not looking, I’m actually going to lose at least 3lbs a week. Ha!



Unless gremlins have broken in while we were on holiday and had fun with the new bathroom scales, I have lost an amazing 1 stone and 8.4lbs in the last 3 months!  I honestly had no idea.

You see, I’m a big girl.  When you’re a six footer like me it takes more than a stone of weightloss to be noticeable.  I haven’t exercised properly (ie in the gym) since school broke up at the end of June.

On the first week of our holiday (in the beautiful Donegal) the sun shone down on us like we were in the Algarve – we hit the beach every day and I walked miles with the dog (and sometimes the family).  Then the rain came.  Walking was replaced with visits to pubs for lunch and feeding our faces in the front of the telly at night.  But maybe I didn’t eat as much as I thought!

I’m so motivated by the numbers on the scales that I have planned the week’s (healthy) meals and shopped for the ingredients before anyone put me off the notion.  The kids will be gutted when they’re handed a healthy sandwich with a piece of fruit at 1pm the next few days.  Sweet revenge for all the temptation they put in front of me with every “chips with everything” meal they had in Donegal.  And their addiction to Magnums isn’t funny.

To stay motivated, I’ve unearthed this photo of me from a former life – the one where I was young with no responsibilities, slim and never hungry, out every night dancing and didn’t drink anything stronger than fizzy water.

I will never be that slim and wrinkle-free again but if I get a life sized cutout made for every room in the house, maybe one of those Carefree Cathys will kick my butt if I so much as inhale the scent of a Magnum Double Raspberry.


skinny cathy